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Bar Crawling in Lake Tahoe

Bar Hopping

Bar Hopping is a blast so there's no wonder that you'd want to use a limo to make it even more fun. Our experienced drivers will be able to take you anywhere you'd like to go in order to make your night even better! It's always a better idea to use a professional driver than to risk it while you're out drinking with friends.

Bachelor Parties

Bachelor Parties are one of our number one priorities. How can you possibly make them even funner than they already are? By adding a limo of course! A lot of times our guests try are worried that they'll be judged for their shenanigans but fret not! Our drivers are well versed in the art of not judging.


The only thing more fun than heading to a live sporting event is the tailgate outside of the stadium or arena. Sure, you can drive a truck or car and pull out a little BBQ and grill up some burgers or you can do it big and rent a limo and enjoy steaks and drinks for everybody! Which one sounds more fun to you?


Weddings are one of our every weekend events. If you're looking for a trustworthy company that can offer transportation that is second to none for your wedding then you're on the right website. Pick up your telephone and dial Limo Lake Tahoe today in order to find out about our wedding specials.


Sometimes you've just got to go wild. We understand. Going clubbing is a great way to dance the night away, have some drinks, and let off some steam. It's not, however, a good idea to drive after a night of going clubbing. Instead, gather your friends, hop in a limo or limo bus, and enjoy!

Bachelorette Parties

Okay ladies, are you ready for an amazing night? Are you ready to go out and have the night of your life? Enjoy your last night of freedom while Limo Lake Tahoe rides you from bar to club and restaurant to bar! One of the best ways to celebrate is at Shake Rattle and Pole!

Golf Outings

Lake Tahoe is a great place for golf! Enjoy the lovely views and the gorgeous greens as your chauffeur driver waits for you in the parking lot. We can provide transportation for corporate or personal golf outings and regardless of which you're taking part in, you'll have a great time. Golfing in Arizona? Here are some Phoenix Area Events.


You're in Lake Tahoe. You want fun, sun, and relaxing! That goes without saying. Why else would you be here? Of course that's not all you want to do. The other thing that you want is to gamble, baby! use Limo Lake Tahoe to drive you to and from your favorite destinations as you win big and party like a rock star!


Heading to Vegas? Maybe California for a concert? Either way, there's no better way to attend a concert than heading to see your favorite artist, group, or musician in a Limo Lake Tahoe limousine! You and your closest friends can ride in style as you head to the show while listening to your favorite tunes.