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We serve endless events in Lake Tahoe.

Bar Crawling in Lake Tahoe

Bar Hopping

Bar Hopping is a blast so there's no wonder that you'd want to use a limo to make it even more fun and convenient. Our experienced drivers will be able to take you anywhere you'd like to go in order to make your night even better! It's always a better idea to use a professional limousine driver than to risk it while you're out drinking with friends. We can also do trips out of town to anywhere you may want to travel to and often take clients to Las Vegas, and you're in luck if you're looking for limo service to Sacramento or San Francisco CA.

Bachelor Parties

Bachelor Parties

Bachelor Parties are one of our number one priorities before your wedding day party bus. How can you possibly make them even funner than they already are? By adding a limo of course! A lot of times our guests try are worried that they'll be judged for their shenanigans but fret not! Our limo services and car services chauffeurs are well versed in the art of not judging, and so is this Tampa Transportation Service if you're looking to travel. They have seen it all by driving for hundreds or thousands of party bus or car service trips. If you want a last night to remember we are the ones to help you out to make sure it happens.

Sporting Events


The only thing more fun than heading to a live sporting event for large groups in Reno NV or Lake Tahoe CA is the tailgate outside of Levi's Stadium or Oracle Arena before the game. Sure, you can drive a truck or car and pull out a little BBQ and grill up some burgers or you can do it big and rent a executive limo or party bus and enjoy steaks and drinks for everybody! Which one sounds more fun to you? We do not charge extra for these events and the only thing you would be responsible for is the parking if needed. Get your friends together and have a great time.

Our vehicles are gorgeous and it shows!

We put endless hours into the designing and building of each limo in which we offer.

The vehicle that you see above is our 18 passenger Hummer H2 Limo. This vehicle is part of the large variety that we offer here at Limo Lake Tahoe. Our fleet of vehicles have the ability of suiting anybody's needs from large vehicles down to small.

Inside of each and every South Lake Tahoe limo we do our best to provide the highest quality of amenities that every client could possible want. we take constructive criticism from our many past clients and listen to their input to make sure that the vehicles are not just nice but to see that we have everything different people could possible want. That is the beauty of having customized limousine service cars. Whether you're an audiophile and insist on listening to your favorite tunes or you're more of a visual person and need lighting shows we've got you covered.

Renting a limousine is pretty cheap when you compare it to a few things. Say, you only had a few drinks and you think you are okay to drive. Well, the cops didn't think so, you got pulled over, ticketed, and placed in the drunk tank. All of that with all the other fees you're going to have to pay is way more than it would if you had just rented a limo. There's even the chance you could get into an accident if you were drinking and driving. Be safe, don't drink and drive. You can split the price of the limo with everyone going to keep things to a minimum and not break the bank. Then you don't have to bare the price alone.

Having a limo will allow you to get anywhere safe. You and everyone else can drink as much as they want without the worry of having to be the designated driver or getting a taxi. You can keep the party going non-stop by partying in the limo on the way to your next destination. The limousine services chauffeur will take you where ever you want to go.

Not only do we provide the highest quality vehicles that all of Lake Tahoe has to offer but we also offer save chauffeurs to take you and from your important destinations. So whether or not you're into special features we will take care of you. When you ride with us, you will always ride in style.